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Super Basmati Rice

Unveil authentic flavors with Isha Super Basmati Rice. Our 1121 extra-long grains redefine quality. Available in 20kg, 5kg, and 1kg packaging, it’s your essential for South Asian cuisine. Taste the excellence from Isha Royal Food.


Discover the essence of culinary excellence through Isha Super Basmati Rice – a name synonymous with unrivaled quality and authentic flavor. Unveil the secret to creating unforgettable dishes with our tagline: “Extra Long Premium Quality.”

Key Features:

– 1121 Extra Long Grain: Isha Rice stands apart with its extraordinary 1121 extra-long grains, setting new benchmarks for excellence. Each grain reflects our unwavering dedication to providing you with the finest rice on the market.

– Packaged for Every Need: Catering to diverse culinary requirements, Isha Rice is available in three versatile packaging sizes – 20kg, 5kg, and 1kg. Whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate meal, Isha Rice ensures you have the perfect portion.

Unveiling the Essence of South Asian Cuisine:

At the heart of South Asian cuisine lies a symphony of flavors brought to life by aromatic spices. Isha Super Basmati Rice perfectly complements these flavors, becoming the canvas upon which culinary artistry is expressed. As the world embraces the richness of South Asian cuisine, our rice remains an essential ingredient that carries forward the legacy of taste and health benefits.

Assured Quality:

Perfection fuels our journey at Isha Royal Food. Our experts meticulously curate each grain, ensuring that Isha Rice meets the most stringent quality criteria. Beyond the plate, our secret herbal blends captivate the essence of Sub-continental flavors, offering families an authentic and enriching dining experience that transcends borders.

Discover the allure of Isha Super Basmati Rice, where every 1121 extra-long grain is a testament to our pursuit of “Extra Long Premium Quality.” Tailored packaging options of 20kg, 5kg, and 1kg cater to your every culinary aspiration. Embrace the authenticity of South Asian cuisine with Isha Royal Food’s commitment to excellence.

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